Data Protection

We take our responsibility to protect any data identifying individuals very seriously. We recognise that the Data Protection Act 1998 imposes duties on us that we must comply with.

Any data we keep on individuals will be kept in secure, locked, environments and will not be released without the individual's explicit consent. We will never pass data we hold on you to third parties without telling you who has requested it, and if possible, why.

Statistical information, such as how many people we have on our site, may be released without individual consent.

If you are an ex-pupil of Thomas Delarue School and you send us a message explaining what you have been doing since leaving school, we assume consent to place such details as you provide on this website.  We will never publish addresses or telephone numbers.

If you find personal information that you wish to be removed, please send a message to

Any third party must agree to comply with all the above requirements before being allowed access to any data identifying individuals.