Adam King
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Adam King

1986 to 1989


I was eleven years old when I started at TDS, I was one of three who started that September. 

I was very frightened little boy. It was my first time away from home.

I can't remember my first day at school. We were doing PE in the hall with Mr. Tilitson. He made us drive around the school.

Well I found the stage.

Because I drove right off it!

After a while I got use to being away from home. I really enjoyed my days at Thomas Delarue School. It had lovely grounds. I have some good memories of me doing things. Like when Mr. Tilitson finally manage get me to swim by myself.

I really enjoyed drama with Art Howit. Especially with Major Road theatre company. For a year I managed the stage lighting. I did some good work.

I was one of very last to leave the school. I left in the April as the school closed in the July.

Now the shoe is on the other foot, because I am doing some volunteer work in my local special school.

I have my own flat in Norwich. I'm doing pretty well.