Andy Wright
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Andy Wright

1972 to 1978


My history is as follows:

1979-1980 a work experience job for a Road Haulage firm, made redundant.

1980-1988 on the dole, although I ran a successful part-time mobile disco etc

1986 took up karate training

1988-1989 my own computer software mail order business, via a government grant.

1989 got my black belt, despite going thru a normal grading syllabus

1990 opened my own club and started teaching able bodied students

1989-1994 worked as a computer programmer for Avon Tyres

1991 got my 2nd dan black belt

1991 married Marisa. Visited Malta for the 1st time and taught karate

1994-1998 worked for Wiltshire County Council careers department, privatised during 1995/6. (again with computers - supporting users)

1994 got my 3rd dan black belt

1996 went to Novosibirsk to teach karate

1997 went to Australia to teach karate

1998-present working as field service engineer for COMPAQ

1998 went to Australia to take my 4th dan black belt

1999 went to Malta to teach karate

2001 (April) broke leg doing karate!

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