Barry Scrase
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Barry L. Scrase

1972 to 1978


Since leaving TDS in 1978 I:

Went to Hereward and studied for a BEC General and 'O' Levels.

Had a short period of unemployment between July 1980 and October 1980. Although I have worked ever since, this was quite a stressful time, as I wasn't sure that I would ever get a job, which was very important to me.

From November 1980 to October 1981 I was on a Work Experience Scheme with Avon Social Services, and spent most of the time helping with the International Year of Disabled People (IYDP). Whilst looking back at it, this was a good year for me, I still needed that permanent job. I also considered training as a Youth Worker or as a Social Worker.

After Avon Social Services I went on another Work Experience Scheme with Wessex Water, which lead to my first permanent job six months later. I had arrived! During my four and a half years at Wessex I spent the first two and a half years doing general office work, and the last two in the Systems Section as a Computer Programmer of sorts writing ad hoc accounts reports and systems testing. This is where I got my first experience of computing and did a part-time 'A' Level in Computer Science.

I joined Phab in 1980, and started the South Bristol Phab Club in 1981.

I got married in September 1984 to Lesley and brought my first house.

In December 1984 I joined the Avon County Council Equal Opportunities Unit, working on recruitment monitoring. I thought this would be more interesting and I would be able to use my IT skills. Whilst it was interesting, it was also an eye opener in terms of reflecting where disabled people are in our society. Although TDS and Hereward were good, it made me think back to some of the lessons at TDS and Mr Burke's comments about how hard the 'outside world' is. How right he was.

In January 1986 I joined Avon Social Services again to run their client computer information system. I was promoted twice in a period of six years, and by the time I left the Systems Section in December 1992 I was a Systems Officer. During this time I also studied and attained a BTEC National Certificate in Public Administration, and a BTEC Higher National Certificate in Public Administration.

In December 1992 I became Consumer Services Manager for Avon Social Services, preparing for Community Care. I also established a computer based Disability Information Service with the voluntary sector that is still going today (2002).

I also started part-time youth work in 1993.

The Government then decided that Avon as a County Council had out lived its usefulness and, therefore, in May 1995 I was transferred to Bath to help set up the new Bath & North East Somerset Council, where I worked as a Adult Care Planning Officer until November 1999, writing the Community Care Plan and other planning reports. During this time studies called again and I went to the University of the West of England (UWE) to gain a Diploma in Management Studies and started a DipHE in Community and Youth Work, something I had thought about when I did my first Work Experience Placement with Avon Social Services.

In November 1999 I changed jobs again and joined Bristol Social Services and Health Department, as a Partnership Co-ordinator, where I currently (2002) oversee the contract arrangements for the purchase Residential and Day Care placements, and oversee and monitor voluntary funding to voluntary organisations.

I completed my DipHE in Community and Youth Work in July 2001, and am a Nationally Qualified Community and Youth Worker.

Having done all this, I am now (2002) considering doing Social Work training to further my career in Social Services.