Graham Thody
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Graham Thody

1977 to 1979


When I left Thomas Delarue I went to a college called The Star Centre at Cheltenham for two years to do further education. When I left there I went to live with my Mum and Dad on the South Coast. At that time my Dad was setting up a Charity called The Disabled Housing Trust building bungalows and a Hostel for young adults in Burgess Hill. I lived with my parents in one of the bungalows and two years later moved into the Hostel. I remained there for about twelve years.

I give below a website link all about the Trust:

After twelve years I moved out into my own bungalow in the community. I am the first disabled person in West Sussex to go on the Direct Payment Scheme. This means I am in full control of my funding and also I employ six carers. I have a fantastic bungalow with lots of gadgets such as electrically pulled curtains, electronic video intercom at the front door and loads of other things all controlled by my steeper remote control system which fits very neatly on my chair.

I also have a mobile hands free car phone fitted to my outdoor electric chair - all this is very James Bond style.

Occasionally, I give lectures at Social Services meetings about Independent living and I also have time to get away on holiday!

My friend Ian Snow, who was another student at Thomas Delarue, e-mailed me your web site address.