Julie King (nee Rowley)
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Julie King (nee Rowley)

1985 to 1987


I was in the Sixth form under Mr P J Arthur and Mr Burke. I really enjoyed my time there, getting to know other people, gaining knowledge and experience

Since I left Delarue in July 1987 I have done a lot of things.

I went to tertiary college for a year.  Then, I spent two years at a youth training scheme.  For the first year I worked in a library and the second was spent learning clerical duties at the local Careers service.  I also went to college one day a week.

I was employed in the electoral registration office for three months updating the register.  After being unemployed for a year, I went on several short-term contracts, mainly with the local council.

Next, I went on several job training schemes at the local job club. One of these was a six-week course in typing and using WordPerfect at a local computer company.  Another one was a course on book keeping run by the local council.  This involved attending the local college for sessions on Petty Cash, Office Studies and Computer book keeping.  I also had work experience for three months.

Whilst I was on Employment Training I moved to Hounslow and joined a local scheme for women where I completed the course.  Then, I got a job at a Benefits Agency through Remploy.  I am still there and have been in two departments over the last five and a half years.  I carried on with Employment Training and gained the final qualification after a year.

In April 1988 I joined the local Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied club (PHAB). Whilst there I met my husband and we moved in together the next February. Three years ago on June 10th we got married. Our happiness was complete when our little boy Alex was born July last year.

At PHAB I have been very busy.  I have been elected onto the management Committee and have been the minutes secretary for three years now.  I have also been Subscriptions secretary, been fund raising and have been on a PHAB Holiday in Holland.

I can identify some of the people on this as listed below and also some of those on the 1987 photos you've got.  

Top row, Mr. Arthur, Juile Rowley, Paul Hancock, Paul Smith, Tim ???, ???, ???, Glen ???

Sitting, Nicola Smith, Jenny ???, Robert ???, ???, Nicholas ???, ???, Valerie ???, Peter ???

In front on floor ???

EMail: guy.king@zetnet.co.uk 

Website: www.users.zetnet.co.uk/gking/