Kathy Burnett
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Kathryn ('Kathy') Burnett

1974 to 1980


Being diplomatic, my stay at TDS was a very mixed experience. I was one of the lucky ones as I did get an adequate (if limited) education and made some very good friends. However the attitudes instilled in me, I hope I have more or less shred.

For instance I have learnt the hard way ‘achievement’ is about doing what you want to do within life’s constraints and not what others impose on you. This can be academic or job success but is more often about other things like being content with your own company, having good friends, enjoying a film or whatever you want.

This lesson started very rapidly as I dropped out of University and spent a year officially unemployed. Both experiences were very valuable although the first was somewhat painful. I then did a vocational computing qualification and have worked in a number of jobs doing really useful things such as putting VAT on Gas Bills!

Such ordinary jobs have given me the time (though not enough) and the resources to do other things. These have varied considerably and include:

Setting up a PHAB club (and leaving it!!)

Getting disqualified for swimming too fast in a race

Arguing with my partner of 11 years

Taking my dog to training classes

Cycling round the Elan Valley

Following the Archers

Reading War and Peace

Attempting to improve my written English and failing miserably

Trying the Alexander Technique and getting bored

Trying Yoga

Rowing with the police for towing my car away and winning!

Causing a fracas in a bed-store, resulting in them calling the police    

 I have achieved very little but have had a lot of fun in spite of my experiences, or lack of them, at Delarue.

EMail: kburnett@freenetname.co.uk