Lance Green
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Lance Green, BA, Dip Stats, FSS

1958 to 1965


I attended Delarue from April 1958 to October 1965.

In July 1964 I became only the second student to pass my driving test in an ordinary car while still at TDS (after Christopher Paul [Minny] Mansell).  I later became an advanced driver but a stable eyesight problem has recently stopped me from driving.

I went to University at Cardiff and gained a II(ii) Honours degree in Mathematics and then a post graduate university diploma in Statistics. I was then employed as a civil servant at what was known as the Business Statistics Office.  I became a Senior Assistant Statistician and later a Higher Executive Officer.  After 26 years I took medical retirement in November 1996.

In 1998, I acquired a hearing problem that is mostly corrected by a hearing aid. Then, on 5 May 1998, my dear Dad died.

To conclude on an up beat note, I am financially secure.  I now write poetry of all types and prose.