Mike Jones
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Mike Jones, BSc

1960 to 1963


I began work in BT in 1970.  My work was in the area of supporting users and maintaining computer software.  The early days were pioneering ones since few users had had experience of using a computer.  In 1975 I embarked on an Open University Degree, specialising in computing, and graduated in 1982.  Recently, I took voluntary redundancy after 26 years with the company.

With part of my redundancy package I decided to take a B.Sc. at a local University here in Cardiff, in Business Information Systems and successfully graduated in July of this year.  As part of the course I wrote a dissertation on how IT could help distribute information to disabled people.  I now have my occupational pension from BT and am hoping to use my IT skills in a voluntary capacity.

For a number of years I have been involved with Disability Wales, an umbrella organisation of disability groups in Wales.  In recent years I have taken an active interest in the moves for full civil rights among disabled people.

Among my many interests is travel and for many years have used a specialist travel agency based in Middlesex.  Among places I have visited are Hawaii, New Zealand and the Seychelles, I have just returned from a tour of New England.  Jane Bramall (a fellow TDS student) and I had some memorable holidays together.  Sadly, Jane died recently - her zest for life will be missed by all those who met her.

EMail: mikejones3@compuserve.com