Norman Rhodes
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Norman Rhodes, BA

1970 to 1977


I was a student at TDS from Oct 1970 - June 1977.

My wife Eleanor was a Community Service Volunteer (CSV) there between January and July of 1977.  We married in Manchester in '79 during my second year at

The University where I gained a B.A. in Italian Studies in '81.  Eleanor joined the old D.H.S.S. in '78 and is still with them in their latest guise.

We have two children, Francesca (born in Manchester '83) and Jamie (born in  Keighley '93).  I have never had a full-time job since graduating but have nearly always had some sort of work.  Most of the time I have worked in adult education teaching Italian, French and occasionally English.

I have also been a telephone sales rep selling motorcycle accessories and now do similar work selling stairlifts.  Every so often I still do some private tuition/translation work.

We left Manchester in '87 and settled in Silsden, in W. Yorks. as Eleanor wanted to be nearer to her family who were originally from the Bronte sisters' village, Haworth though they now live along the road in 0xenhope.