Patrick Devine
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Patrick Devine

1978 to 1981


My name is Patrick Devine.  I attended the school from 1978 until 1981 and have very fond memories of my time there.  I would love to contact any students or staff who remember me.

A lot has happened since leaving in 1981 but briefly here goes:

1981-1982            Tried A-levels but dropped out

1982-1984            Completed pre-Social Work course

1984-1991            Various jobs in Telemarketing

1991-1992      Ran my own company closed due to serious accident

1992-1998            Unable to work, due to accident

Feb 1999        Married my wife, Carole.

1999-2002            Started work for GUS Catalogue in June 1999 but had an industrial accident in July 2000 and not sure if I will work again