Robert Lamonby
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Robert Lamonby

1985 to 1988


After Delarue, I spent two years at a local college on a course for people with special needs.  I then joined the mainstream college where I did CPVE.

After several attempts I obtained 'C' grade in GCSE English.  I also obtained a grade 'B' in GCSE Travel and Tourism and grade 'E' in  Computer Studies.  I also did CLAIT - Computer Literacy and Information Technology.

In 1992 went to a local training centre where I did office training for a year.   I then went on to do a GNVQ course in Computers where I achieved level 3.

In 1995 I started to work for a company that developed software for people with special needs.  My job was to desktop publish the resource packs - I did this working at home.  This lasted for about a year.

In 1996 I went back to the training centre to do a level 3 in programming.

Last year I decided to contact the tutor at the college again because I was unable to get a job.  I went on a four-week taster course.   Then a careers officer suggested university but they said I needed to do a foundation course.  I have done the foundation course and I am at Staffordshire University doing the second year of a part-time computers and information systems course.

I would love to hear from anybody who remembers me.